Based on the combination of finance and technology, Insigma devotes to offering triplicate comprehensive PPP solutions of “consulting service+ finance investment +project management” in the field of infrastructureconstruction and public services. By the cooperation with government,Insigma can provide complete circle plan and integrate all kinds of resources, propelling the urban construction of China.

Classic Cases

Guangxi Government Investment Guidance Fund
Based on the advantage of PPP fund management, Insigma became the fund operator of Guangxi Government Investment Guidance Fund. The first phase of the financial contribution of the fund reaches 3 billion RMB, which is planned to add to 10 billion by 2020, bringing more than 50 billion RMB sub-funds.
The guidance fund mainly invests sub-funds, then PE funds. Objects of those sub-funds include strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, advanced manufacturing industries, eco-environmental protection industries, modern service industries, city infrastructure construction and the project of “the Belt and Road”.
Social Effect
The government investment guidance fund can greatly help Guangxi Province improve the way of allocating financial fund, widen financing channels, bring in social capital, increase investment profit and then boost the economy development of the autonomous region.
Guangxi Micro Internet Finance Project
2016-12-23-06270084 In June, 2015, cooperating with Guangxi Investment Group Co.,Ltd. and Sealand Securities Co., Ltd., Insigma established Guangxi Micro Internet Finance Service Co.,Ltd., whose special product is Yi Jin Rong, a large comprehensive internet finance platform. This platform focuses on micro finance and devotes to supporting the development of micro economy; also, the platform can help with the automation of non-government financing and propel the development of regional financial inclusion. Centered on mass investors and innovation strategy, Yi Jin Rong will become the safest and easiest mass investment platform.
Social Effect
Yi Jin Rong will greatly relieve the financing difficulty of micro financiers. Meanwhile, it can provide convenient investing channel for those financiers, then supporting the development of micro economy.
Yi Jin Rong Platform
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