Insigma establishes a top-down multilevel innovation system, and explores new business model with its core technologies and innovation talents. Cooperating with Zhejiang University and research institutes at home and abroad, Insigma has established a series of research bases and has accumulated technologies for Insigma’s innovation.

Classic Cases

The Joint Research Center of AI
In October 2016, Insigma and Zhejiang University signed strategic cooperation agreement and established a joint research center of AI, propelling jointly the process of AI 2.0.
Research teams which have participated in the construction of the joint research center accumulated fruitful achievement in big data analyzing and processing, machine learning, knowledge engineering and behavior recognition. They have got more than 30 patents and over 10 copyrights which are authorized by the nation in the field of AI, computer vision and multimedia.
The National Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Train
In september 2011, Insigma and Zhejiang Universiity established the national engineering research center for intelligent train jointly, starting research in the intelligent system of high-speed train and generic technologies and aiming to improve the intelligence level of Chinese trains in related fields.
Recent years, Insigma and Zhejiang University have input fund, buildings for scientific research, high level research team to the center.
During the operation of this center, Insigma and Zhejiang University focus on the basic technology research of intelligent train and the developing and market applying of scientific and technological achievements industrialization relatively. Also, they start the research of intelligent applying technology of trains and the complete system integration and equipment technology.
More Case
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